The Gift of Free Spay/Neuter!
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Every litter of puppies adds to animal overpopulation and therefore roaming dogs.

Benefits of Spaying and Neutering:

  • Reduce Number of Roaming Dogs & Dog Attacks
  • Prevent Female Dogs from Going into Heat
  • Avoid Care and Expense of Puppies
  • Avoid Fees & Penalties
  • Reduce Animals Suffering in the Street
  • Male and Female Dogs will Likely Live Longer
  • Greatly Reduce Risk of Cancer in Dogs

Spaying and Neutering is the way to FIX our dog problems.



Females should have one litter before spaying.


The best time to spay a female is before her first heat. This also greatly reduces the threat of breast cancer.


Behavior and personality are altered after surgery.


Changes in behavior are positive. These include reduction of territorial spraying, less fighting, and less urge to roam.


Animals become fat and lazy after surgery.


In most cases, animals become fat and lazy because they’re overfed and inactive.


Males don’t need to be neutered because they don’t have litters.


Un-fixed males and females are the cause of overpopulation.


If you see a pack of roaming dogs:

  • Avoid eye contact
  • Remain silent
  • Keep your hands down at your side
  • Stand with the side of your body facing the dog (never turn your back)
  • Once the dog loses interest, slowly back away until they are out of sight

If you are being attacked:

    • Put anything (your purse, bag or jacket) you have to put between you and the dog to protect yourself.
    • If you are knocked down, curl into a ball with your head tucked in and your hands over your ears and neck. Do not move and be silent.
    • When you get to a safe place, immediately wash any wounds with soap and water. Seek medical attention, especially:If the wound is serious. [Uncontrolled
      bleeding, loss of function, extreme pain,
      muscle or bone exposure…etc]
      If the wound becomes red, painful, warm or
      swollen, or if you develop a fever.
      If it has been more than 5 years since your
      last tetanus shot and the bite is deep.

If you see roaming dog(s) or to report a bite/attack, please call 311 or (214) 670-3111


For an attack in progress, please call 911.

In either case, please try and have a description of the dog, the breed or type of dog and the details of the incident.